Build a Shelter

Are you living in a city or a region with homeless people sleeping on the streets? Does it bother you seeing them in the cold? Alone? Hungry? Do you want to help them but don’t know how?

I was in the same situation two years ago when I was living in Athens, Greece. It was difficult to see all the homeless people everyday on the streets. There were so many and I couldn’t figure out a way to help them all.

Until me and my team created the ‘HOPE HOMES Project’.

We are here to show you a way to help the homeless by building temporary zero-cost shelters!



What you need to do:


1. Collect plastic bottles

Approximately 1000 bottles are needed for one shelter to be built. Collect the 1L bottles or bigger. You can ask friends and family to help you, you can even ask restaurants in your area to put aside the plastic bottles for you to collect.

2. Collect plastic bags or old fabrics or clothes that are about to be thrown away

It can even be a combination of all three. Collect as many as possible!

As soon as you have these ready, complete our application form which you can find here and send it to with subject: Build a Shelter_Name. Our team will prepare a group of volunteers who know our building technique and will come teach you how to build a zero-cost shelter!

Before you start the procedure first find out the laws about sheltering the homeless in your country since there might be fines or penalties