Hope Homes is a Non-Profit Organisation that wants to provide shelter to homeless
people all around the world. Having a ‘home’ is a human right. We have invented the
weaving-bottle technique that has zero-cost and is made out of re-used plastic bottles and bags.

We believe that each individual has the power to change the world one bottle at a time.

Evdokia Demetriou

Evdokia is an architect, she graduated in 2016 with her Professional Diploma. After her graduation she moved to Athens for a year to work at an architectural studio.

When she arrived in Athens, she was shocked by the huge amount of local and immigrant homeless that were filling the streets. What bothered her even more, was the fact that society did not seem to care and nothing was done to these people.

Evdokia felt the urge to take initiative and do something and being an architect she knew it was not an impossible mission! She put her knowledge together and after many months of researching, thinking and designing she found a way to build non-cost shelters made out of plastic bottles and bags.

During her journey, Evdokia met Marios Nikolettis and Mike Bell who saw potential in the project and wanted to be part of it. That is when HOPE HOMES was born! The project traveled all the way to South Africa, which gave her the opportunity to re-work the prototype of the shelter, help an impoverished community in Johannesburg and organize a workshop at a local school in order to teach as many people as possible the technique of how to build these zero-cost shelters.  


Marios Nicolettis

Owner of a group of leading local and international companies focusing Post production facilities and Production companies. He has worked on the world’s best brands FIFA, Coca-Cola, Mercedes Benz, McDonalds just to mention few. Having to constantly diversify his companies he is able to see opportunities and engage with alternative opportunities.

Knowing the power that media holds his philosophy has shifted in funding and creating projects that help everyday issues.

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