Indlu Yathemba

Our first Project took place in Johannesburg, South Africa for the period of three months (from October to December 2017). 

We visited an impoverished community in Innesfree Park, in the very wealthy area of Sandton. We interviewed some of the people in order to collect as much information as possible, not only about their housing issues, but also the bottling-recycling system.

The people of the community use recycling as a way to collect money to build temporary shacks and take care of themselves and their families.

Some of them couldn't collect enough money and they were sleeping under the trees in made up tents.

The recycling pets pay little for the recycling of the green and brown bottles, as we learned by interviewing the locals. That is the reason we used those bottles for the testing of our structure. 

Even though we had some difficulties and failures, we managed to complete the shelter and donate it to the community!

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